Professional team of instructors and repacking specialists , based in Pepperell, Massachusetts. We offer a variety of services for those who are looking up in the sky and their heart is skipping a beat.

Main focus is on Reserve Parachutes Repacking/Inspection and Gliders Inspection and Repair for any Types of Reserves ( Round , Square or Steerable (Rogallo) ) and PG Gliders

For PPG, PG or HG.




Reserve Parachute Repacking Service

We are offering the repacking service for all types of reserves:

  1. Round Reserve Parachute $65
  2. Square/SQR/Tandem Reserve Parachute $75
  3. Square Steerable Reserve Parachute $80
  4. Steerable reserve(Rogallo) Parachute $90
  5. PPG reserves with Outer container-Installation $20
  6. Front Mount Reserves -Installation $20
  7. URGENT Repacking/Inspection Service $50

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Reserve Parachutes Inspections/Escrow

If the used gear you are buying isn't local, a "pre-buy" inspection should be a condition of the final sale. Having an established rigger act as the middle-man for all used reserves not only protects the buyer, but also the seller.

  1. Reserve Inspection for Round reserves $25
  2. Reserve Inspection for Square/SQR/Tandem reserves $25
  3. Reserve Inspection for Steerable reserves $25
  4. PreSale Inspection $25

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Tandem Flights and Training

Tandem flights are a great introduction into the sport, or just something exciting to do (similar to skydiving or bungee jumping, only the rush lasts for the entire flight — and you can be in control). Tandems are also useful for beginner and intermediate pilots to brush up on skills, maneuvers, or thermalling technique. This intro course is great for anyone who's wondering if paragliding is for them, or someone who just wants to try something new and exciting. The cost of this lesson is applied towards your certification course, should you choose to advance in the sport Book your Tandem


Glider Laser Trim Service

The trimming service is $145-$185 (for glider with Soft Links -$185 and $150 for PPG Glider). Recommended every 75-100 hours of use. The trim on a paraglider changes over time. We use a laser measuring device on a rail system with a 5KG load in order to get extremely accurate consistent measurements. The laser helps avoid measuring errors which commonly occur with a tape measure. Line trim adjustments can only be as precise as their measurement, and our laser system provides the consistency needed to ensure accurate measurements. Order Glider Trim Service


Glider Inspection/Repair Services

We can offer the inspection for your glider- including attachment points, seams, internal and external condition, porosity test, wing clean out,line condition, riser trim tolerance, stitching, etc. Small pin holes and small tears will be patched with rip stop tape. Note that annual inspections do not include line length measurements and line trimming! The Inspection cost-$145 for Regular Glider, $150 for PPG Glider and Glider with Soft Links

Also will happy to replace lines or patch holes - $85 per/hour+material

URGENT Inspection/Trim Service $100(Avalable for Glider Inspections/Trim and small Repair ONLY)

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Safety is #1 priority. It is recommended to inspect and repack your reserve parachute at least yearly. I offer years of experience, hundreds of repacked reserves and quick turn-around.

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