AirQuest Paragliding was founded in 2020. We specialize in reserve repacking and gliders inspection/repair  services for various types of Pilots: PPG, PG and HG.

Andrey “The Cosmonaut” Kuznetsov is a proper canopy artist.  He learned to skydive in 1990 at just 15 years old and has completed over 4000 jumps. He spent 10 years in the  National Skydiving Canopy Formation Team, and has held three world skydiving records and Guinness record, including being part of the current world record for a 100-person canopy formation in 2007 in Florida USA.

In 2003 Andrey moved to the USA and pursued a career in mechanical design engineering. It was here in New England he learned to fly paragliders in 2009. With his previous canopy experience, Andrey progressed quite rapidly and within just a few years he was flying 200+km flights in Texas.

Andrey got his USHPA Tandem Instructor certification in 2011 and he’s been thrilling passengers ever since, also got the USHPA Advance Instructor Rating in 2020 to teach new students how to fly safe. Andrey is also an avid cross-country pilot.

In 2020 he flew a 5.5 hour, 88km triangle on his tandem in Colombia and he set that Vermont State distance record three times- once at 110km ,a month later at 116km and 179km the spring 2021. Andrey also set the NH record in 2021, with an incredible flight that originated from a tiny 250’ tall training hill! He launched into rising air and climbed to an incredible 6,800’, traveling 78km!

In 2023 he flew the Historical flight from Vermont(Ascutney mt) to the ocean shore 153km . Only two PG pilots in New England  have done this and Andrey is one of them. 

Andrey currently resides in the greater Boston area and offers reserve repacking/inspection and gliders inspection/repair for AirQuest Paragliding and tandem instructional flights for Paragliding New England (www.PGNE.aero) at many different sites all over New England. Also, with his extensive parachute packing experience, Andrey owns the AirQuest Paragliding LLC(www.airquestparagliding.com) and leads reserve repacking clinics across New England and US.


USHPA  # 88471

Advance Instructor

T3 Tandem instructor

P4 Advance Pilot


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