Reserve Parachute Repacking

We are offering the repacking service for all types of reserves:

  1. Round Reserve Parachute $65
  2. Square/SQR/Tandem Reserve Parachute $75
  3. Square Steerable Reserve Parachute $80
  4. Steerable Reserve(Rogallo) Parachute $90
  5. PPG reserves with Outer container- Installation $25
  6. Front Mount Reserve-Installation $25
  7. Transfer Reserve to other Harness -$25
  8. URGENT Reserve Repacking/Inspection Service $50

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Reserve Parachute Inspection

If the used gear you are buying isn’t local, a “pre-buy” inspection should be a condition of the final sale. Having an established rigger act as the middle-man for all used reserves not only protects the buyer, but also the seller.

  1.  Inspection for Round Reserve Parachute $25
  2. Inspection for Square/SQR/Tandem Reserve Parachute $25
  3. Inspection for Steerable Reserve Parachute $25
  4. PreSale Inspection for Reserve Parachute $25

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Glider  Inspection/Repair

1. Annual regular glider inspection $145 (for PPG glider $150)

2. Annual glider with soft links  inspection $150

2. Labor Repair or Lines replacment/patch holes $85 per/hour+ material

3. URGENT Glider Trim/Inspection  Services $100(Avalable for  Glider Trim/Inspection and small Repair ONLY)

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Glider  Laser Lines Trim Service

Laser Trim Service  for glider – $145 (Glider with soft links $185 and $150 for PPG Glider)

The trim on a paraglider changes over time. We use a laser measuring device on a rail system with a 5KG load in order to get extremely accurate consistent measurements.  The laser helps avoid measuring errors which commonly occur with a tape measure. Line trim adjustments can only be as precise as their measurement, and our laser system provides the consistency needed to ensure accurate measurements.

This accuracy allows us to tune your glider with the trim measurements of all the lines. Each total line length is measured, and sent via Bluetooth to a spreadsheet for your specific glider size and model.  We then tune your glider by either making trim changes with adjustment loops on the mallions, or manufacturing a new line.

The effects of a glider being out of trim can present safety issues affecting both glider performance and handling, poor collapse recovery, and bad launching characteristics. Most of the load on a paraglider is on the A and B line sets.  The lines behind the A and B line sets tend to shrink more since they take less of the wing loading. Your lines will shrink over time, often more asymmetrically from side to side and front to back than one may think. Side to side inconsistencies in your line lengths can cause the glider to fly less efficiently, and can force the pilot to compensate for the glider always trying to turn towards one direction. Front to back inconsistencies make a glider’s trim speed slower, harder to launch, and closer to spin or stall while flying.  Laser Trim Tuning allows us to optimize the length of your lines, bringing your glider much closer to the manufacturer’s intended line lengths. Through our years of experience, we have discovered gliders need to be tuned after 75-100 hours of use. Laser trim tunes will also equip you with even more information to ensure you can get the most value when you decide to sell your wing.

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Tandem Flights

Tandem flights are a great introduction into the sport, or just something exciting to do (similar to skydiving or bungee jumping, only the rush lasts for the entire flight — and you can be in control). Tandems are also useful for beginner and intermediate pilots to brush up on skills, maneuvers, or thermalling technique.

All paragliding tandem flights in the USA are conducted under USHPA Excemption 4721 to Federal Aviation Regulation Part 103. This exception allows 2 person flight on our ultra-light aircraft for INSTRUCTIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. This means we give tandem flight lessons, not joyrides.

AirQuest Paragliding recommends to  Book your Tandem there


Paragliding Training

This intro course is great for anyone who’s wondering if paragliding is for them, or someone who just wants to try something new and exciting. The cost of this lesson is applied towards your certification course, should you choose to advance in the sport.

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