Super fast turn around time… he received my reserve for inspection and repack and two wings for basic inspection on Thursday evening. All we’re inspected, repaired, and returned by Monday morning. Text messages and pictures of entire process! Couldn’t be happier with the service and speed!

Andre G, LA

I let a pilot borrow my harness and reserve for the SIV here at lake Berryessa that I'm towing at. He ended up deploying my reserve that Andrey repacked for me - it deployed wonderfully!! Thanks for the pack job buddy! Highly recommend his repacking!

Topher, CA

My reserve had never been deployed or repacked through several years of paragliding. Watching YouTube video of failed reserve deployment made me very nervous. I used Airquest website to contact Andrey and it could not have been easier. Remove reserve from my harness, put in box and ship UPS to Airquest. Andrey kept me apprised of receipt, inspection, repacking and return shipping. I have my reserve back in about one week and am very confident that it will open if I ever have to throw it - hope I never find out but I feel better knowing that a true expert took the time to make sure it will be good if I do need it. Thanks Andrey

Andrew, PA

Airquest Paragliding is a professional service company providing excellent service and quick turn around time. They are quick to answer any questions I have regarding the care and use of the equipment they service. I like that they keep good records on their customers and send out a reminder when it time to repack again! Personal thanks to Andrey.

Brad, NJ

Andrey just repacked my Beamer 3 Light reserve for me and I highly recommend his service. He was reasonably priced, super quick (my reserve was only off of my paramotor for less than a week), and very easy/friendly to deal with.

Jonathan, NJ

Andrey just repacked two reserves for me and I highly recommend his service. Super quick, fantastic communication from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to contact him!

Jerry, FL

The best and fastest service thank you!

Lucky, UT

Andrey Kuznetsov Thanks for parachute repacking!
Thank you Andrey.

Dan, NY

Hey All, just a reminder, get your reserves repacked. I just got mine done by Andrey. Super fast and professional.I’m very excited to have this service in the north east. Thank you Andrey.

Johannes, VT

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